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We believe that our franchisees’ success equals our success. We have been operating Pizza Rustica restaurants since 1996, and selling and operating franchises since 2002. As a result, we have a dedicated team of professionals to work alongside of you every step of the way.

At Pizza Rustica, we are committed to franchise support. You will receive support in the areas of operations, advertising, design and more. Our training program is well developed and franchisees will have the opportunity to learn in a classroom as well as an actual Pizza Rustica store. Not only will you learn to make our famous pizza, but about our well developed systems and standards.

We offer the latest technology to our franchisees such as online ordering, advanced website functionality and iPhone application. We are on the cutting edge of social media and online resources. Finally, we offer national vendor contracts and distribution arrangements which allow you to get the best prices possible.

Proud Members of the International Franchise Association

Pizza is big business today in the U.S, topping nearly $37 billion in sales each year. Pizza, an affordable food, remains popular in every economy. At Pizza Rustica, our niche of high quality pizza by the slice uniquely positions us in this very solid industry. At Pizza Rustica, we choose our franchisees very carefully. We are currently pursuing highly qualified individuals who are a good fit with our corporate family.

Pizza Rustica is offering franchise opportunities to veterans! Through our VetFran program, veterans will receive a $6,000 donation towards their franchise fee. For more information visit Pizza Rustica VetFran Opportunity.

What we provide for your success

  • Franchisee Support
    • Training Program
    • 2 Day Phase I Orientation
    • 14 Day Phase II Training
    • On Site Training
  • Grand Opening Public Relations
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Architect Drawing for Restaurant Layout
  • Professional Finish Schedule
  • Ongoing Updates & Support through member page
  • Individual Location Webpage
  • Online Ordering & iPhone Application
  • Experienced Franchise Organization
  • Innovative Company
  • Selective with Our Franchisees
  • Favorable Purchasing Power
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Database maintenance
  • e-mail marketing

Getting Started

  • Submit the online Pizza Rustica franchise preliminary questionnaire found below (domestic or international). You can also print the questionnaire and send it to our Corporate Office via email or fax. Your preliminary questionnaire will be kept confidential.

  • Your preliminary questionnaire will be reviewed by one of our franchise representatives who will call you to discuss it in greater detail.

  • A franchise application, credit verification and a reference check must be completed in order to proceed to the final steps.

  • Next, you will receive Pizza Rustica Uniform Franchise Disclosure Document (UFDD) when required by law and will be invited for a one-on-one interview at our corporate office.

  • At the personal interview you will have the opportunity to ask any questions regarding the franchise agreement.

What should you do next?

  • Upon our mutual consent we will enter into a Pizza Rustica franchise agreement, you will pay your initial franchise fee in full, and be awarded a Pizza Rustica Franchise.

  • You will identify a site for your Pizza Rustica restaurant and submit a location application for final approval.

  • You will complete Phase 1 Franchise Orientation and receive the Pizza Rustica Pre-opening Franchise Manual and introductory package and you will start to build your franchise.

  • You and your team will begin Pizza Rustica Phase 2 Training, receive training materials and you will complete a training program.

  • Once trained, you will open your new Pizza Rustica franchise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the initial investment to purchase a Pizza Rustica franchise?

The initial franchise fee for a U.S franchise is $35‚000 and is payable at the time the franchise agreement is signed. The ongoing royalty is 6% of your gross revenue.

How much does it cost to open a Pizza Rustica franchise?

The cost of opening a franchise is dependent upon many factors including location‚ size‚ what occupied the space previously and whether it is new construction or not. Start up costs range from $249‚000 up to $401‚000. Pizza Rustica requires that all franchisees have a minimum of $500‚000 in net worth and $350‚000 in liquid assets (figures vary for international locations, refer to last frequently asked questions for details).

Do you offer financing?

No‚ but Pizza Rustica will assist you in any way possible. However‚ we have no influence on the decision of third party financing sources.

How much money can I expect to make operating a Pizza Rustica?

Unfortunately‚ federal and state laws prevent us from suggesting how much money you can earn from a Pizza Rustica restaurant. The amount of money you make will depend on many factors including the location of your restaurant‚ traffic flow‚ local marketing and advertising‚ the cost of your investment‚ how well you manage your restaurant and control variable costs‚ amongst other factors.

Do I need to have pizza making experience?

While it is beneficial‚ pizza making or restaurant experience is not required. Our training program will prepare you for all aspects of running your operation.

Do I need to work in my Pizza Rustica restaurant?

Although we do not officially require it‚ it is strongly recommended that a franchisee be an owner/operator. We would like at least one partner who maintains a 50 percent ownership in the operating company to be involved full-time in day-to-day operations. We have found over the years that the most successful restaurants are owner operated.

What are some of the criteria for selecting a typical Pizza Rustica restaurant?

The typical Pizza Rustica restaurant is between 800 and 1‚500 square feet. It is important to locate your Pizza Rustica restaurant in a high foot traffic area.

Who is responsible for selecting a location?

Location is a very important factor in the success of your Pizza Rustica. While it is the responsibility of the franchisee to find a suitable location‚ we will provide assistance in site analysis. We also require a final approval from us for all locations.

Can I get my own territory?

Yes. We will mutually establish an exclusive territory‚ adjusted to marketing conditions and population density within which you have exclusive rights.

What kind of training do you offer?

We will only succeed if our franchisees are successful‚ so we are committed to providing top-notch training and support. Pizza Rustica franchisees receive two to four weeks of training in a Pizza Rustica corporate training restaurant and one week of training on-site at the franchise restaurant prior to opening.

Do you provide continuing support to franchisees?

You will receive the Pizza Rustica operating manual covering the many important facets of your business operation. As the manual is updated‚ revisions will be made available to you. A Pizza Rustica representative will periodically visit your store to offer useful advice and efficiency recommendations for your location.

Do you sell franchises in the state where I live?

Currently‚ the following states in the U.S. regulate the offering and sale of franchises: California‚ Hawaii‚ Illinois‚ Indiana‚ Maryland‚ Michigan‚ Minnesota‚ New York‚ North Dakota‚ Oregon‚ Rhode Island‚ South Dakota‚ Virginia‚ Washington‚ and Wisconsin. If you reside in one of these states‚ our franchise must first be registered by your state before we may discuss the franchise with you. If you would like to know the status of our registration with your state please contact us for additional information.

Does Pizza Rustica offer opportunities for international Franchising?

Yes; however we do have a number of International Franchising Requirements that are listed below;

  • You and/or a business partner (s) must have a MINIMUM of two (2) years of restaurant or franchise experience.
  • You and/or a business partner (s) must have a combined Net Worth of $5,000,000, and available liquid capital of $1,500,000.
  • You and/or a business partner (s) must live in the market to be developed.
  • You must be prepared to allocate sufficient capital and time during the multiple phases of building your franchise for optimal success.
  • You must have the ability to form an infrastructure that can communicate with Franchisor.
  • You must have the resources and be willing to send managers / employees as described in your Franchise Agreement to Florida for a 2 week training program.